3 devilish Savory Easter Eggs

Savory Devilish Easter Eggs

This morning I was thinking about my grandmother, Nana.  I was thinking about Easter when we were kids and how she loved Easter candy … jelly beans, malted eggs and big coconut cream filled chocolate eggs from Philadelphia, her home town.  I was thinking how she loved making the Easter dinner.  I think Easter was her favorite holiday because she loved to make ham with pineapples, cherries and a maple glaze.  She made the best potato salad and deviled eggs.  There was just something about her little extra tricks that made it really special.  Nana by no means loved to cook but the few things that she really enjoyed are the things I remember.  My how I miss my Nana …

So this morning while I was thinking about Nana and deviled eggs,
I was thinking about how I  could give them a little extra … makeover!
I decided to update the flavors and colors of the deviled eggs by using some of
my favorite marinated vegetables and sauces.
Piquillo Peppers with Sea Salt and Dill
Garlic Basil Pesto 
Dequmana Naturally Cured Black Olives with Black Pepper
This recipe is for 6 eggs – 2 of each flavor.
Adjust accordingly to the total amount you would like to serve.
6 eggs
piquillo peppers, chopped
black olives, chopped
black pepper
sea salt
Carefully place the eggs in a pot and add cold tap water to the pot to cover the eggs.
Place the pot on the stove, cover with a lid.
Turn the stove to high and bring it to a boil for 2 minutes.
Turn off the heat, keep the lid on and let sit for 20 minutes.
Turn the tap water on cold and bring the pot over to the sink,
add the cold water to the pot and cover the eggs completely with cold water.
Let sit in cold water for at least 5 minutes before breaking open.
Carefully crack open the hard boiled eggs and discard the shells.
Cut the egg in half lengthwise.
Carefully remove the yolk and place 2 of them in mini food processor.
Add the piquillo peppers, 1 tsp of mayo and a pinch of sea salt.
Grind until half is smooth and creamy with small pieces of pepper visible.
Notice the brilliant color from the peppers! 
So pretty! 
Carefully add the mixture back into the egg.
Add 2 egg yolks to a bowl and
1 Tbs of pesto,
1 tsp garlic,
pinch of sea salt,
1 Tbs mayo
and mix well.
I love the Spring Green color! 
Carefully add the mixture back into the egg.
Add 2 egg yolks into a bowl
6-8 black olives, chopped
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper,
1 Tbs mayo.
Mix well.
Wow! It is almost a purple color! 
Carefully add the mixture back into the eggs.
Chill the eggs for 1 hour prior to serving.
I added a little garnish to the center of the platter.
I used a brush to swipe on some Pesto, chopped Piquillo Peppers and an Olive.
I alternated the flavors of the eggs, placed them on a round platter in a circle
 to make a flower shape and served.
You can use any flavors for the center that you like to make beautiful colors too!
Sweet peas, avocado, mushroom, sun dried tomatos, bacon bits …
endless options! Anything that you like with your eggs works great!
Have fun with the display.  I couldn’t help but think of Spring flowers when I was making these!
This was such a great way to play with your food, use some creativity and
to make some savory eggs for the holiday.
I hope you have a 
Hoppy Easter! 
My Nana was born on March 27, 1920.  She would have been 92…  xoxo … miss you! 

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