HALFPOPS Snacking Gluten Free

This is corn snacking all grown up … modern … healthy and flavorful
in a good way
HALFPOPS are just what the name says …
 half popped or partially air popped kernels of corn.
2 flavors 
Sea Salt
Natural Aged White Cheddar
Gluten Free
Nut Free
No Trans Fat
No Artificial Colors
No Hydrongenated Oil
No Corn Syrup
No Negativity …
just what the 2 oz bag says!
Made in the USA in Seattle, WA! 
They have a great store locator to find this fun crunchy … addictive treat.
I like to eat them by hand or 
add them to my salads for a little crunch in place of a bread crouton.
Both flavors are great.  
I was really happy when HALFPOPS contacted me to see if I had 
“experienced their brand new snacking HALFPOPS heart of popcorn.”
I didn’t know about the fun new treat so the sent me some samples. 
When I opened the box I couldn’t wait to try them!
I love them!
I am not saying this because they were complimentary … 
but I am forewarning you …
their other name should be
  … addiction because of the simple flavors, 
little balls of crunchiness and 
natural corn flavors are everything you love about popcorn ...
only better!  
Great for movies at home and I love the little bags to take with you for snacking on the go! 

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