Best Gluten Free Meal at Haystack

What defines a perfect experience for you?
I recently took advantage of a good deal, good weather and went on an unexpected road trip to run down to one of my favorite places in the world …
I just needed to get away from it all to recharge and unplug.
Little did I know that it was going to be the perfect combination of quite peaceful beauty …
and just a tad of sweet unexpected moments 
that made this the perfect getaway.
I love love love dark chocolate …
when was the last time that someone turned your bed down 
and left you some 
dark chocolate on your bed?
I stayed at the perfect location right at Haystack Rock called Surfsand Resort.
I have always wanted to stay there but many years ago when I found the resort, it was under construction.  I knew one day that I would have a chance to go back …
and this was the perfect time, 
in the middle of winter! 
I have been on their email list for years.  I happened to read one of the emails one evening while the evening news was on. My favorite weather guy was saying how gorgeous the weather was going to be for the next few days.  Dry, warm, 
OK relatively warm … 
upper 40’s low 50’s and sunny!
This is not typical winter weather in the Pacific Northwest!

I called, booked my discounted stay, packed my bags and went the next morning.
I always bring some of my favorite Gluten Free snacks and treats so I had plenty for the road trip.  Because it was so last minute I didn’t get much of a chance 
to sleuth out the best places to eat Gluten Free.  
Luckily for me when I checked in that evening I remembered that there was a wonderful restaurant right there within the resort along the waterfront. 
The restaurant is called the Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge.  
I went for a walk on the beach to stretch my legs and then went to dinner.  
My timing was perfect to catch the sunset from my table! 
I had the 
I love love love Dungeness Crab …
so I had to have the 
Dungenes Crab Cakes 
perfectly seasoned with herbs, 
lots of Dungeness Crab that is bound with Shrimp Mousse, 
not flour or bread crumbs! 
Seared slightly crispy and golden, served with citrus aioli.
They were absolutely delicious! A must get when you go to the Wayfarer.

 I love seafood, especially when I am so close to the beach.
I decided to have the 
Potato Crusted Halibut 
a thick fillet of Alaskan Halibut, flaky snow white with crispy slightly salted shoestring potatoes
seared golden and a brown butter sauce – sans cranberries for me.  
Served with broccoli raab slaw, roasted tomatoes, sweet potatoes and strawberries.
Another winner! 
The best thing about the meal was the server.
David made me feel like I was special and not a high maintenance woman.  
When I sat down, I told him that I was Gluten Free and that I had a few extra food allergies. 
He was happy to serve me, he made suggestions with a genuine smile and assured me that the kitchen knew how to prevent cross-contamination.  
It made me feel really, really special! 
Bravo Bravo Bravo David!

This was the sunset that I gazed at while I was relaxing and waiting for my dinner.
I ran out to get a quick picture to capture the moment.
I wanted to make sure when I woke up the next day that it was all real.
It was such a perfect day! 
As a side note, I want to say
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
 to all of the staff – 
 front desk, housekeeping and the Wayfarer Restaurant were all amazing! 
So professional and sweet, I highly recommend that you go and enjoy the experience too! 
I love love love the swimming pool and the location of everything to the beach. 
He got a treat bag and special amenities too! 
I didn’t get to do too much because it was a very short trip.  I know that I want to go back and enjoy another wonderful meal at Wayfarer and at the Stephanie Inn, both owned by Martin Hospitality.  
Many, many moons ago I had a wonderful memorable Christmas Dinner 
prior to being Gluten Free.  
I have heard great things about their Gluten Free meals and it will make it a top priority next trip!  
I can’t wait to go back! 
Go and please let them know that you saw this posting.  
Maybe I will see you there …
Safe travels, rest, relax and rejuvenate …
Haystack Rock and the beach are calling you!

P.S. I wanted to share this special place with everyone because I love Cannon Beach! Everyone loves it once they go! I like that it is quiet during the winter and a special place to take a walk and reflect.  I got a good “Winter Special Discount” because of the time of the year. I was not compensated for this review, I just thought it was a shame not to share such a wonderful experience with you.

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