Happy Not So … Fat Tuesday!

My King Cake!
I know this is an overused phrase but 
I can’t believe how fast this year is flying! 
The month of February is almost over and I must admit I’ve had the hardest time trying to keep to any sort of routine this year.  It just seems like one thing after another – 
holiday … feast … food … clean up … holiday …. feast … you get the idea.  
About a month ago when I started to think about Mardi Gras and the recipes that I would post 
all I could think of was … yuck! 
Honestly, the idea that it is so soon after another holiday filled with overindulgence in sweets, I pushed it aside to the back burner.  I just couldn’t think about making food for another day of overindulgence.  I am all for being festive and I do love Mardi Gras.  
I lived in New Orleans as a child for a few years and 
have very fond memories of the city, celebration and Cajun food.  

For some reason this year I feel like I just need to celebrate this holiday in a different way.  
Last night I decided to clean out my pantry and refrigerator.  
I just wanted to clear away anything that was taking up space that wasn’t good for me. 
It felt good! 
Almost enlightening and I got the best sleep last night!

Today I woke up craving something that I haven’t done in awhile … 
something so decadent and scrumptious and that I love.  
I was craving my yoga! I find it absolutely delicious when I get back to my mat.  
Yoga and I have this relationship.  We can spend everyday together at our usual time and place.  
Our quite moments are so relaxing and energizing no wonder it can be so addictive, 
in a good way. 
Well, as in any great relationship it just takes a missed appointment, the next day it is later in the day and before you know it you are off your routine.  
Suddenly the time and distance seems to be greater yet never intentional.  Other people, places and commitments just seem to pull you away.  
Well for me it was an injury too my foot that actually made me realize that there was a problem and caused me to forsake my routine and my quality time on my mat.  
One day I just couldn’t do it any more, it was painful 
because I had hurt my foot and didn’t want to face it.  
I couldn’t even sit in the first pose on my mat.
The long and short of it is that it forced me to go to my doctor and take care of it.  

So now, months later after numerous days of self care and many holidays, 
I flirted with the idea of going back to my mat.  
Oh my mat has tried to catch my eye on many occasions just to tease me.  
One day it got too intense when I was wearing my not so fashionable or comfortable boot.  
 I ended up using my rolled up mat to prop my leg up under my knee.
As I glanced at it with a crooked smile it was almost as if it was saying…
well this is better than nothing … 
At least we had some sort of connection even if it was just to support me.  
After that day my mat and yoga went to the back of my mind.  
I have been getting so frustrated with just trying to get back to walking that yoga seemed like a lost romance from a far away land.
This morning I just about sprung out of bed after getting such great sleep. 
 I made some Café Du Monde coffee, a new little special breakfast … 
cultured almond milk by Amande.  
It is really good and the perfect treat to eat that is non-dairy, no gmo, vegan, soy free, fruit juice sweetened and most importantly … Gluten Free!  It comes in 8 flavors – plain, coconut, blueberry, raspberry, peach, vanilla, strawberry and cherry!  
I happened to find it at Town and Country Market the other day and thought I would try it.  
I am trying to do everything I can these days to 
keep my inflammation down to heal my body and my foot!  
Dairy, soy and sugar are not good for me in large quantities 
so I am trying to avoid it where and when I can.  
The point of this story is this, living a healthy Gluten Free life to me is about knowing my body.  
Finding the joys in foods that are good for me and 
listening to signals in my body to know if something is good or bad.
Yoga nourishes me, rejuvenates me and gets my appetite going for healthy foods.  
Yoga clears my mind and makes me stop to see the rich colors in things and makes me take deeper breaths to clear away the cobwebs that build up inside.  
Yoga is about living a balanced life.
If you have never tried it I recommend getting the A-Ok from your doctor and finding a gentle yoga class to start your experience.  I think you will really love it! 
Bring on the happy faces! 
This party girl is whooping it up today! 
I have decided to celebrate this
 “Not so Fat Tuesday”
 with the things that I find decadent …
dark chocolate
a foot massage
music … always music … Buckwheat Zydeco on your Pandora station …
 I am feeling a little festive and can still indulge in the holiday colors …
my purple yoga mat
my Forest green scented candles 
my yellow gold happy face spatula 
Silly I know but I just didn’t want all the yeasty sugar topped bread, 
beads, brawls, parades, flashings or the ticket price to go down there … 
one of these years I will go back for Mardi Gras …
I’m perfectly happy with my
Not So Fat Tuesday Tradition!

Laissez les bon temps rouler
Let the good times roll …


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