Gluten Free Grilled White, Black and Red Sandwich

Today is just one of those days …
a grilled crispy melty sandwich kind of day!
I love sandwiches! They remind me of weekends and summer picnics as a child. 
I remember sitting around the table at my grandparents house and it was a production.
All of the ingredients laid out on the table and the fresh bag of chips.  
Who would get the extra special folded chips?!?!? 
Sandwiches and chips are just the perfect meal when they are stuffed and messy! 
Gluten Free Grilled White Cheddar, Black Forest Ham, Red Roma Tomato Sandwich

Easy as a grill pan and a few ingredients … 
and a tad of patience while it gets all melty and crisp too! 
This is for one serving … double or triple it if you need to make more …

4 slices, thin to fit bread Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese -(TVWESCC)
Applegate Farms Black Forest Ham – (AFBFH) GF and Casein Free
4 slices Red Roma Tomatoes, per sandwich 
2 smears of Earth Balance Butter – EBB
Udi’s GF Bread (I didn’t have my homemade bread)
Unfortunately the pickle on the side is not included because I am out of them! 
Heat a pan to medium.
Smear EBB on the outer side of the bread and place it on the pan.
Add 2 slices of TVWESCC on the bread
Place 2 slices of AFBFH on top of the cheese
Add the tomatoes and 2 more slices of cheese.
squirt the mustard on the inside of bread and smear the outside with EBB,
place it on top.  
Turn the sandwich and place a lid on the pan lower the heat to low and cook for 2 minutes.
Turn the heat off and check to see if the bread is browned and the cheese is melty.  
When it is …
lucky you! 
Plate it and must serve with crispy waffle salt and pepper chips!
Even better … put the crispy chips inside and …. 
Oh how I love my sandwiches and chips day shared with family and friends! 


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