Wild King Salmon with Aji Limo and Smoked Sea Salt

Just look at this beautiful
Wild King Salmon
made with
Aji Limo, Spanish olive oil and Smoked Sea Salt…
It is so easy to make, so good for you to eat and the taste …
love love love it!
I cooked  the King Salmon with the skin on, in a pan with about 2 Tbs of Spanish olive oil.
I preheated the pan with the oil at medium then reduced it to low to add the salmon skin side down.
Covered it with a lid that I could see through and watched the color of the King Salmon change from a bright pink to a lighter pink, somewhat white shade.  The other test is to use a fork to slightly pull the a piece off, it should flake! Remove from heat and let it set for 1 minute. Remove from the pan and place the King Salmon on a cutting board.  Top with a pinch of Matiz Smoked Sea Salt, freshly ground black pepper and a pinch or more of dried Aji Limo – heat level 8 so use to your desired taste of kick!
Total cooking time depends on the size of the King Salmon but usually only takes 5-8 minutes.  It is fast so don’t walk away.  Trust me … you buy King Salmon for the moistness and you do not want to over cook this fish.
I love love love … the combinations of the Matiz Smoked Sea Salt and the dried Aji Limo with the King Salmon.  This is a great way to get smoked salmon flavor but without the smoker and the hours that it takes! I buy my Matiz Smoked Sea Salt and the dried Aji Limo from the Spanish Table in Seattle. You can also order it online if you do not live by one of their other locations.
This summer is a great time to buy fresh caught Salmon on sale at your local grocery store.
Just look at the nutritional value for a 3.5 oz cut – 180 calories, 10.4 fat, 20.1 protein – good source of Phosphorus (good for muscles and kidneys), Protein (good energy producer, good for hair, nails and muscles), Niacin (aka B3, raise good HDL, good mood, energy), Vitamin B12 (improved mood, energy, mental clarity) and Selenium (antioxidant).  I have found it on sale $7.99 – $14.99 per pound at various stores in the Seattle area and Kitsap County area. I hope you can find prices as good in your area.
I usually serve my Salmon with a big green, cold salad with my favorite veggies or Kaniwa Smoked Salad or steamed, grilled veggies – it goes well with everything! All I know is that I have been enjoying a Summertime of Salmon and look forward to more! I feel great eating it and feel like it is the best beauty secret I can share with you for inside and out!
Please go treat yourself to some Wild Salmon today!
I hope that you find it on sale!

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