Nature’s Candy … Naturally Gluten Free

This has been a long wait … Berry Season is finally here! Nature’s candy in all its beauty and sweetness.  Here are a few ideas to make berry time even better …

Mix in salads.

Eat a handful with your favorite nuts or seeds for a snack.

Add on top of your favorite Gluten Free  ice cream, waffles or pancakes.

Whip into a Berry Special Smoothie.

Do you want to know the secret behind the Berry Special Smoothie? Look closely … Kañiwa!

If you add just 1 tablespoon to your smoothie you will add extra fiber, protein, calcium and iron!

Kañiwa has a great earthy and nutty flavor and will enhance all of your favorite fruits.

Berry Special Kañiwa Smoothie
4 servings

2 cups non-fat yogurt
Use your favorite non-fat yogurt, I like Greek non-fat yogurt for the flavor and less sugar.  1/2 cup per person.
2 cups of your favorite frozen berries
This is a great way to get the cold frozen texture without watering the smoothie down.
1/4 cup Kañiwa flour
1 cup of fresh Organic berries or fruit
1 Tbls. Puremiel Organic honey
Add everything to your blender and mix well.  Pour into your favorite glasses and top with a strawberry or your favorite fresh fruit.


P.S. Support your local Organic farmers and buy local!

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