Eggsperiment – Goose Eggs vs Chicken Eggs

Last week I talked about how fun it was to meet Patti Dusbabek at the Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market.  Well, I went back over the weekend to pick up my duck eggs and to my surprise Patti was sold out even before the market opened.  It seems that duck eggs are all the rage right now!

Who knew?
I thought I would be brave and go for the big ones this week …
Goose Eggs!

This line up of eggs … Goose Eggs
Fun to see the various sizes and weights.  The largest weighing in at ….

Goose vs Chicken

The obvious visual comparisons are color and texture of the shell.  The yolk of the Goose Egg was a bright golden yellow.  The weight is unbelievable when you put them in your hands.  There is a noticeable almost shocking difference, I am almost afraid to see what it is like to crack it open …

It took quite a whack to crack that shell open.  Suddenly this bright yellow yolk rolled out of the shell, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was enormous! The eggs reminded me of a field trip, in grade school that we took to see the dinosaur exhibit.  I have to say I feel like an egghead saying this but I was a little concerned that a baby dinosaur was in there and glad that was not the case …

Let’s just say I had to use quite a bit of energy to whip this Goose Egg up with a whisk! It was thick like molasses to get it to incorporate with the whites. Just as I would let it sit for a minute it would separate so be prepared to get a workout. 
 To give you some perspective I decided to measure the amount of the egg … yolk and all!
Just over 2/3 cup!  
In comparison that is equivalent to approximately 3 grade A large chicken eggs sold at the grocery store.
Goose Egg Frittata
No frills, just a dash of fleur de sel just – wanted to see what the fluff would be like.
When I served it I added, thyme, tarragon and fresh ground black pepper.  I wanted to see what the flavor of the egg was like without adding too many other ingredients.
The Goose Egg … flavorful yet not as light as a chicken egg. They are a richer egg.  Not sure that I could eat them all the time or a large portion. The aroma as I was cooking it was strong.  I am going to try to cook the Goose Egg in a few other ways but can’t imagine what a hard boiled would be like! Easter is around the corner … might be kinda cool …
So let’s get to the yolk of the comparison …
Goose Eggs
calories 266
protein 19.97
fat 19.11
calcium 86 mg
iron 5.24 mg
cholesterol  1227
lutein 636 mcg
Chicken Egg – extra large size
calories 80
protein 7.04
fat 5.57
calcium 30 mg
iron 1.02 mg
cholesterol 237
lutein 185 mcg

So the Goose Egg and Chicken Egg are somewhat comparable in nutrition.  Obviously the Goose Egg is three times as much and sometimes more in protein, calcium and cholesterol.
This is a good option for some people that have egg allergies or who may need more protein in their diets.  Please consult your doctor to see if this may be a good eggsperiment for you!
From one good egg to another …
break out of your egg routine and try something a little … quacky … or just local!
More Eggsperiments to follow soon!


4 thoughts on “Eggsperiment – Goose Eggs vs Chicken Eggs

  1. HaHa, I didn’t know that duck eggs were all the rage right now. We’ve been eating them for about a year for daughter and 6 months for the rest of us as we all have intolerances to chicken eggs. Duck eggs are much like the goose eggs in how sticky/molasses like the yolk is.


  2. WOW! This is awesome. You’ve inspired me to do a EGGspirement with my boys – I think we’re going to “hunt” several different types of eggs and compare them. I think it is an awesome time of year for it! Great article! I love you writing. =) Joelle


  3. Joelle, so great! Let me know how it goes and what y’all think about all of them. So far I really love the fresh local chicken and can’t wait to find the “golden egg of the hour” duck eggs! xo Lisa


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