Favorite Tools In My Gluten Free Kitchen

This week Huffington Post posted an article from the Dailymeal.com
asking the question of 13 Chef’s 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools.  It made me think about my tools, my drawers and shelves of tools that I love in my kitchen.  What tools would be on my list?  Well, oddly enough over the weekend I realized what my top 2 favorite things are in my kitchen.  One was almost taken away from me.  I have a deep love for my iphone and my laptop.  I love them because they make my life fun and easy.  I can take notes about recipes or food easily on my iphone or laptop, easy Internet access wherever I go and when I discover something awesome I can take pictures instantly.  Of course, I also write my blog on my laptop and thus the story …

Well, Saturday morning was not good from the start.  I woke up feeling as if I had been tossed about and beaten. It was a cold, grey … extra dreary day … not sure why I got out of bed but I did.  I made my coffee and crawled over to my computer.  I had just a sip or two and BOOM!  I dropped my cup of coffee all over my laptop! I acted quickly and turned the computer over…screamed…and said a few words that a lady should not say in public but since I was in my own home …. $#@+!!!! … took the battery out … grabbed towels and coddled it as if it were a screaming baby. 
All I could do was sit in front of it … looking and wanting to sob but my body hurt too much.  I was in shock and then began to think of everything that was in that laptop …

When I turned over and placed it in a safe spot away from sun and other elements, I propped it up on a bunch of microfiber extra absorbent towels hoping to draw any moisture out of it ASAP! I called and texted a few people to ask …. What the heck do I do?1? Can it be saved?!?! People suggested putting it in a brown paper bag with rice.  Rice in a Gluten Free kitchen, I’ve got that! The computer guy said, don’t do it because it will make it worse.  I ended up putting a small dish of the rice below the computer,
not touching it, hoping that maybe it would just do something to help draw any last few drops of the coffee out.  It was suggested to me to wait at least 48 hours – Do not touch it or turn it back over!
 … walk away from the laptop. 

Now … I am not a patient woman when I want something to happen.  I prefer to say that I am a passionate woman because when I feel connected to something that is so near and dear to my heart I want it NOW… not wait and see what may happen in 48 hours!

Let’s just say it was a very hard 48 hours to pass … but all is sort of well … the screen has a few blemishes … the keyboard lost a key … I had to give it CPR of sorts with compressed air … the keyboard also got a good swabbing with alcohol  and Q-tips several times while the battery was still out to take away the stickies and stains. Even now as I type I have a sudden urge for a great big cup of coffee … where is that aroma coming from as the whooshing sound of my fingers hit the keys … grrr …
and yet I am thankful that I still have my old friend of exactly one year and twenty two days!

My Gluten Free Kitchen Favorites
This list is in no particular order.  Probably more than 5 … I can’t bother to count them because I love them all equally … all purchased over many years and at various stores across the country.

Offset spatula for decorating cakes, cupcakes, unsticking the sides of cake pans …

Scoop measures to pour the exact amount – mini, medium or mega muffin. I use them to make waffles or pancakes or anything that has a batter or dough.

A good set of measuring spoons, I also have (not pictured) the rectangular ones that are great to get into spice jars.

Drizzle spoon – not sure if that is the real name but it is the spoon that looks like someone cut off the tip, great for … drizzling chocolate or sauce on a cake or plate.

Parchment Paper is a MUST in a Gluten Free kitchen because the dough and batters are so sticky … and it is so much easier to clean up! Toss in the trash, although I use mine a few times if I am making batch of cookies and there isn’t a much of crumbs.

Spring scoops! Love them! As many sizes as you can find.  I would suggest at least a small, medium and large.

Microplane – I use it for lemons, limes and oranges.
Juicer with the scoop to catch the seeds!
These are actually Pit Mitts and they are used for outside grilling.  I use them inside because I hate to burn myself and it is so much easier to grab on to pans from the oven with the fingers free to move.  I also really like that they have the gripers on the for extra non-slip action …
maybe I should have had them on that Saturday when I was drinking my coffee UGH!
I really like this handy little hook to hang the mitts off of my cabinet next to the stove for quick action!
I could go on … kitchen aid standing mixer, whisks …. I love kitchen tools! I love plates, cake stands and the paper cups for cupcakes … paella pans … big serving dishes and little forks and knives to eat tapas or for spreading cheese or dips … I could go on …
I just love to make Gluten Free food and sharing this with you!
What are some of your favorites?
Thankful …

2 thoughts on “Favorite Tools In My Gluten Free Kitchen

  1. I love my measuring scoops too. I also love my stand mixer. My most favorite thing in my kitchen has to be my Keurig coffee maker. Do I dare mention coffee? I am so glad that your computer was saved. I enjoy your writing.


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