Love King Arthur’s Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle MIx!

If there is one thing that I highly recommend you do this weekend … make some Gluten Free King Aurthur Pancakes or Waffles!

Ok, I know I say this all the time butI love waffles!
I tried the new King Arthur Gluten Free Pancake Mix (same mix and recipe to make waffles) today.  King Arthur sent me a package to try.  I couldn’t wait to heat the griddle and mix up the batter! The recipe is very easy for both pancakes and waffles, just follow directions on the back of the box. Please note you will need – 2 large eggs, butter or oil and 2 cups of milk.
I used grapeseed oil and coconut milk.  Once you mix all ingredients, you set the batter aside for 10 minutes to thicken.  I usually add, vanilla and cinnamon to my batter but this time I wanted to see what the batter tasted like on its own.  I wanted to see if the batter had any flavor, most mixes don’t.
All I can say is …

Wow! I love the flavor of this mix, it doesn’t need anything added! They have the perfect amount of sweet creamy vanilla flavor and the edges crisp up nicely. It is so easy to make for your family and guests. They will love them!  (I won’t tell them you used a mix if you don’t.)

I made small Belgian thick style waffles.  I made the entire batch and put the extra in freezer bags and froze them so that I could use on a whim.  Just put them in your toaster at a low to medium setting and presto … hot waffles just waiting for your favorite toppings!
You can buy the mix directly from King Arthur or at your local grocery store.  If you can not find the King Arthur mixes in your local grocery store, tell the manager of your store you want the product.

Get some today for the weekend!


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