Gluten Free Menu At Friesenburgers

Did someone say Gluten Free Burgers and Hot Dogs with buns? All I can say … it is worth the drive to Tacoma, WA to devour a Gluten Free Cheesy Onion Burger and fries at Friesenburgers! The owners say they have been in business for almost 4 years and they are doing great! In the short time that I was there enjoying my burger, at least 3 or 4 new customers went in and ordered their first Gluten Free Burger.  It was my first Gluten Free Burger from a restaurant in years! Friesenburgers also offers Gluten Free Steak Fries … the big thick ones and a special fry sauce to dip them in too! In fact they only offer Gluten Free fries so that they do not get them mixed up and also just use one fryer.

The Gluten Free menu includes hot dogs, Bison burgers, Wild Alaskan Salmon burgers, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, salad and Hamburgers with or without cheese.  If you have a really big appetite try  “The Friesenburgers” choose from various sizes of burgers with an egg and bacon on top of the patties!
They also offer a kids menu for the little appetites.

When I asked what spurred the menu the owner said, awhile back a lady came in and ordered a burger as a lettuce wrap.  They asked why didn’t she want the bun.  The lady explained she had Celiac Disease.  The owners decided to look more into what they could do to add Gluten Free menu items and had to find … Gluten Free hamburger and hot dog buns!  They connected with the Gluten Free community and the Gluten Intolerant Group and became even more educated about the Gluten Free lifestyle. 

Bravo to that lady that walked in to their restaurant and told them about Celiac Disease!

Bravo to the owners of Friesenburgers for taking the time to learn about Celiac Disease and find the products to make such a tasty American meal a thrill again!

It is time to celebrate again! Happy Gluten Free Burger eatin’ …

Now for the important info … when and where ….
Friesnburgers –
Monday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Tuesday – Saturday 10:30 – 7:00 PM
Sunday – CLOSED                   Dine in or take out call – 253 444 3562
308 East 26th Street
Tacoma, WA 98421

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