Fast and Easy Gluten Free Brownies

Yes, Gluten Free Brownies can be fast and easy!
I recently had a chat with a mother that is newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  She told me that she likes to bake simple things but is a bit intimidated by trying to bake Gluten Free. 
Her other worry was that she just really misses having a treat in the afternoon when her girls come home from school. 

So I shared this little secret with her.  I will share it with you too but please … promise me you will not share it with anyone!

Pamela’s Products makes an awesome Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix! 

I know this is not new information to most of you but it is to those that are new to living a Gluten Free lifestyle.
The thing that I love about this mix is that you can make it so many ways and each way it turns out absolutely delicious!
The back of the package gives you recipes to make the brownies – cake like, fudgiest, egg free, dairy free, oil free, or the classic original with butter! 

So the other day, as the storms started to roll in, I had a hankering for something … and there it was front in center in my Gluten Free Pantry … my emergency Pamela’s Products Chocolate Brownie Mix.

I mixed up the fudgiest recipe – just add 1/2 cup of oil and 1/3 cup of water to the mix in a bowl. That took all of 3 minutes to do!  I added walnuts to mine to get a little extra protein and omegas. The mix is great and has big chocolate chunks in it for that extra chocolaty goodness!
I decided to use my baking pan that I use to make square cupcakes.  It is by Calphalon Classic Bakeware and is non-stick.  I thought it would be fun to have the cupcakes made separately. 18 minutes later, they were done!  I let them cool for a few minutes on a rack in the pan.  They came out so easily.  The best part, no clean up! I love this pan and by the way … I do not get paid for talking about any of this …

So it took 21 or so minutes … plus a few minutes to actually consume!  How fast and easy is that? 
So no worries, it is OK to use a mix.  Just do it and I won’t tell anyone! 


P.S. If you put on some really great music and dance while you are eating the Gluten Free brownies … you don’t have to count the calories … maybe eat the brownies then dance and most of the calories won’t count!  I put on some Pink Martini … so fun!

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