Gluten Free Foodies Gluten Free Food Drive Challenge

I have learned so much about my community by reaching out to the Kitsap County Food Banks and asking questions.  Yes, believe it or not there are families in our community that need to be on a Gluten Free diet and can’t afford food let alone expensive Gluten Free food.  Most of the food banks do not get Gluten Free food donations or understand the need for it.  The past few months we have been collecting Gluten Free Food for the Kitsap County Food Banks at our monthly events.  We have made contributions to eight food banks within the Kitsap area. 

It seems that the month of November, when we celebrate Thanksgiving – the holiday about food and grace, it’s appropriate we support others with just that … food and grace. Food that is savory, satisfying and good for us to eat.  Grace by supporting others in their time of need.

There is nothing that I love more than to get emails from my followers.  I love to hear their stories and to learn about their life experiences.  The one common thing that seems to happen when I post information about our monthly events is that people contact me from all over the globe wishing the could attend our events. This month we are going to do things a little differently for our Gluten Free Foodies Event
I am asking you to be apart of a Global Event –
Gluten Free Foodies Gluten Free Food Drive Challenge.

You can help support your local community in one of many ways to help nourish and stock all of our local food banks.  This includes everyone outside of the Seattle area to put you to the Gluten Foodies Gluten Free Food Drive Challenge to help raise awareness about the need for Gluten Free Foods in our Food Banks

As I mentioned in my previous post, Gluten Free Foodies is extending our support to the Washington State Food Banks by baking for my friend Jenny Richard’s event in Seattle. Jenny is a fellow blogger, with the most beautiful blog called PurpleHouseDirt.  Jenny Richards is organizing an event with another blogger, Jenny Miller of Rainy Day Gal.  The event is called “Will Bake For Food“.   So, two food bloggers organizing a group of food bloggers and bakers from all over the Seattle area will be baking treats – regular and Gluten Free to help raise food and funds for Northwest Harvest of Seattle. Come meet some of your favorite bloggers that you have been following in person.

Will Bake For Food
November 20, 2010 – 10:00 AM 2:00 PM (or until they run out)
University Congregational Church – Ostrander Hall
4515 16th Avenue NE Seattle WA 98105

I am going to make some Gluten Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (pictured above) and Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies with Peppermint Crunch for Will Bake For Food .  I already have a few Gluten Free Foodies excited to attend the event with me and hope you will join us. I am also going to help continue to raise food and awareness for the need for Gluten Free food in the Kitsap County Food Banks. 

There are many ways that you can participate in the
Gluten Free Foodies Food Drive Challenge
to help raise awareness about the need for Gluten Free Foods in our Food Banks.

1.  You can bring your baked Gluten Free treats to the Will Bake For Food event in Seattle, to give away to attendees that make donations.  Please contact WBFF to sign up, look on the lower right side of the page to fill out the form. Please give them your info and what you would like to bake.  Please be sure to tell them that you are a part of the Gluten Free Foodies Group that is baking to support the event.

2.  You can attend the event, bring non-perishable foods – regular and Gluten Free, supplies like diapers or monetary donation.  In exchange you will get a ticket to then use to go exchange it for your fresh baked treat.  Added incentive – if you bring Gluten Free non-perishable donations you will get an extra ticket!

3.  If you are OUTSIDE OF THE SEATTLE AREA – You can put some non-perishable Gluten Free Food into a bag, mark the outside of the bag GLUTEN FREE FOODIES GLUTEN FREE FOOD.  Drop the bag off at your local Food Bank … in your community! 
Around the US go to Feeding America to find a food bank in your area.
Want a more global way to help, go to Global Giving to find out more.

4.  If you live in Kitsap County and would like to make a donation to the Kitsap County Food Bank Coalition  click the link to find locations or more information. 

5.  I would love to get some feedback or stories about how you are supporting the Gluten Free Foodies Gluten Free Food Drive Challenge in your community.  Please send me pictures, stories ideas in an email at and I will share them with your fellow Gluten Free Foodies!

6.  If you are a company with a Gluten Free product and would like to participate please contact me at for more info.

Let’s all enjoy the holiday season together and celebrate the foods that we can eat!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

P.S. Please feel free to share this with anyone that would like to participate.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Foodies Gluten Free Food Drive Challenge

  1. Hi Lisa,What a wonderful thing you’re doing. I will be doing my part for helpline house this year.. Plus your blog post gave me the idea to donate all of my GF flours etc. that I don’t eat anymore to helpline… Thank you for all that you’re doing to help those whose life situations do not allow them to afford GF groceries… AND inspiring others to help too! Keep up the great work. Hugs, Neinah


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