Gluten Free Pan de Muerto – Day of the Dead Sweet Bread

It is that time of year when Dia de los Muertos is almost upon us.  Mexican families celebrate the lives of loved ones that have passed away.  The celebration is on November 2 the day after All Saints Day on November 1.  There are various traditions that include building altars with memorabilia or pictures of the person’s life that you are celebrating.  Festive brightly colored flags made of cut out paper, decorated sugar skulls with bright colors and flowers.  People even dress up and paint their faces white and wear traditional Mexican clothes.  One of the most important parts of the celebration is the food and drink.  The celebration is intended to be fun, happy and actually … lively!

Pan de Muerto, also known as Day of the Dead Bread, is a very traditional item on the menu.  Pan de Muerto is a sweet bread.  I decided to make this bread today by experimenting with a few ideas that have been swirling around in my Gluten Free head!  I wanted a big loaf, round, crusty and sweet.  I decided to add flavors like orange, clove, cinnamon and fennel.  It is amazing how the combination perfumes my house while the bread is rising and baking.  It has taken on a new meaning of fall flavors for me and is definitely something to celebrate. 

There are other foods that you can add to your menu for Dia de los Muertos.  Everything that you or the celebrated like – tamales, tacos with shredded pork or beef, mole, Mexican rice, salsa, queso, beans, flan, candies, sangria, even paella if you want!

So today, while I was baking my Gluten Free Pan de Muerto, I was thinking about a number of people that have made a special place in my heart.  I was also thinking about how happy some of them would be to see me making this bread and sharing it with others.  I know they would be smiling and enjoying it with me, warm just out of the oven … smothered with butter!

If you would like my recipe, please send me an email and let me know whose life you will be celebrating this Dia de los Muertos. I would love to hear just a little bit about someone that was special to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.
la paz …


P.S. The reviews are in on the bread … half is gone within the first few minutes of taking it out of the oven.  I am not the only person in the house, I requested a few taste testers … some of the others aren’t even Gluten Free! I will be giving the recipe to a limited number of people that share their story and for a limited time.

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