Gluten Free Pizza at Stella’s in Poulsbo!

BREAKING GLUTEN FREE NEWS – Stella’s Pizza & Pasta has made a big addition to their menu – Gluten Free Pizza! Well, I guess all of my wishful thinking has made it happen …
When I talked to the owner, Susan Baker,
and asked what was the reason behind this new additon to the menu she said ” … actually one of their best customers at Stella’s would bring in frozen Gluten Free pizza crusts so his child could eat out at a real pizza place.” Stella’s would add their toppings and make the pizza for them. Susan owns both Stella’s Italian Dining in Poulsbo and Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta in Gig Harbor. She decided that after additional requests for Gluten Free pizza, “maybe it was a good idea to add it and see what happens.”

I am thinking they will be very busy after the Gluten Free Foodies hear about this!

As an added bonus from now through September 30, 2010 if you show them this posting you will get $2 off your Gluten Free Pizza!

The crust is thin and sturdy so it holds up to a loaded pizza. They make all of their sauces fresh daily, so they know they are Gluten Free! (Unfortunately the meat sauce is not.) Marinara, Pesto and White Sauce are all ready for the Gluten Free pizza lover to enjoy once again. The menu includes pizza creations like –

Greek Veggie (pictured with fresh the roma tomatos on top!) – Artichoke Hearts, Sun-dried Tomato, Feta, Tomato Sauce and Mushrooms $13.75.

Mediterranean – Pesto, Chicken, Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Feta and Mozzarella (pictured below) $14.75.

White Pizza – Bacon Bits, Spinach, Sliced Pepperoni, Pine Nuts, Black Olives and White Sauce! $13.75. (You had me at Bacon Bits … !)

These are just $1 more than their regular pizza and are 10 inches. Great deal!

They even have an Oyster and Onion Pizza … hmm that is something I never heard of on a pizza but who knows?

There are so many more great pizza creations on the menu that you will just have to go to see and taste for yourself. You will not be disappointed. You can actually taste the fresh sauces and all of the layers of toppings. You can also create your own favorite combination!

I have been driving by Stella’s at 19980 10th Avenue NE in Poulsbo, every time I go to Central Market. I have somewhat of a chant or mantra that goes something like this …

Oh please, please, please serve Gluten Free pizza soon!

So I guess the Gluten Free gods were listening and made it happen!

When I walked into the restaurant I was surprised and happy to see such a warm, spacious and tastefully decorated establishment. I felt as if I were walking into someone’s home. Fun and creative artwork on the walls, nice lighting and warm rich woods. This is the kind of place where you could hang out with your family and friends for hours and eat really great Gluten Free Pizza!

They also have a Banquet Room with doors. The Banquet Room is available for meetings or events. I asked Susan if there was a fee for the room and she said no fee but the group must make a reservation and order food and beverages! How great is that? I know the Gluten Free Foodies will be meeting there on a regular basis for our monthly meetings!
Stella’s Italian Dining – 360 697 4992
19980 10th Ave NE Poulsbo, WA
Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta – 253 851 9200
3108 Harborview Drive (downtown) Gig Harbor, WA

Don’t forget to bring this posting to Stella’s or Spiro’s in Gig Harbor to get your $2 off your Gluten Free pizza and tell the you saw it on GLUTEN FREE FOODIES.


P.S. Thank you to “the father and the Gluten Free child” for bringing in the frozen pizza and getting the Gluten Free idea into Susan’s mind. Looking forward to seeing you at Stella’s soon!
Big thanks to Susan for making a great new Gluten Free addition to her menus!

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Pizza at Stella’s in Poulsbo!

  1. Yes, it is wonderful. I think she may be looking into it. So hopefully it will be soon if not … now! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 I really appreciate it.Don’t forget show them this posting and you will get $2 of your pizza. Enjoy!Lisa


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