Gluten Free on the Go!

Have Gluten Free treats …
will travel!

If there is one thing that living the Gluten Free lifestyle has taught me is that you must always take some Gluten Free treats with you.
I usually carry a small red ice cooler with me in the car but I found this cute new bag that is eco friendly and insulated! There is a new trend for stylish brown baggin’ it and I just love it! I found this fun bag in Port Townsend, WA on a recent visit. There are various colors, styles and sizes at The Green Eyeshade swing by or check out the website. This one is really great because it is about the size of a purse and other than the fact that it is bright and festive you might not realize it is a “cooler” or lunch bag. I have used mine to take to local outdoor concerts, picnics or anytime I am running errands in the car. The Green Eyeshade also has a vast variety of kitchen tools and supplies that every chef and baker must have or can’t find, all at very good prices. I thought my bag was a good deal at $22.

Port Townsend is a great little town on the north tip of the Olympic Peninsula in WA state. There is a really great beach to walk on or relax while reading a book in the Fort Worden park area. The quaint town has great restaurants and shops along the main road. The summertime is busy with outdoor festivals, weekly farmers markets, Wooden Boat Festival and the best Film Festival! I love Port Townsend and it is a must visit if you are traveling in the area!

A side note, my Stanley Thermos is always with me when I am at the beach or an outdoor event. I usually make some hot tea with local wild honey and cinnamon. It is the perfect way to enjoy our Pacific Northwest afternoons and evenings.
Second side note … sometimes I make Hot Cocoa with coconut milk or Coffee with coconut creamer and French Market Coffee or … you get the idea … something special, since it is hard to find a GF and DF drink treat out.
Check out Stanley
for more info on products and where to buy.

So now I bet you are wondering what I put inside these totally cute bags for … Gluten Free on the Go

I usually put any or all of these drinks either in the freezer or fridge so that at a moments notice I have something to add to the bag to keep it cool without having to use a reusable ice bag. The cold or frozen drinks help to save space. If it is not a hot summer day, a drink in the fridge will last a few hours, in the insulated bag.

Coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated naturally.

Pacific Foods now has Coffee Lattes made with Vanilla or not and is sweetened. It is also made with milk, for those that can drink it. A really good non dairy option is the Chocolate Hazelnut drink, great cold or perfect to add to a coffee for a special treat while you are out … Iced Chocolate Hazelnut Latte … order the espresso and add your own! GF, DF and SF

It is so frustrating that coffee shops only offer soy and rice milk. Beware that not all non-dairy options are Gluten Free and Soy Free.

I absolutely love this snack all the time. It is great to put some of the Bakery on Main granola, without oats, into small containers for portion control for quick trips … or just take the whole resealable bag with you to share. I love the Apple Raisin Walnut but they have other flavors too!

You can find just about all of these treats at GF Joe’s Market
in Tumwater, WA or online They offer free FedEx shipping on orders over $100. You can’t beat that and from the comfort of your home!

Gourmet on the Go are great little ready made meals if you are looking for a little something more for your picnic or road trip. It even comes with a fork!

Speaking of road trip, stop by GF Joe’s on your way out of town to stock up for the trip. Check the site for store hours.

5739 Littlerock Road, SW Suite 103 Tumwater, WA or call for info 360 628 8010.

Gary West – The best Gluten Free jerky! I love the Angus Steak Strips and the Buffalo Strips.

You can order online direct. I suggest that you sign up for their newsletter to receive monthly specials and discounts.

The following products are Gluten Free
Original Steak Strips (all flavors but Teriyaki)
Certified Angus Beef® Steak Strips (all flavors but Teriyaki)
Silver Fork Natural™ Steak Strips
Buffalo and Elk Strips

Kind bars are a great way to have a little sweet and protein from the nuts. I am hooked on the Almond & Apricot with coconut!

Justin’s Nut Butters in squeeze packets are the best way to travel with choice. Ok, most of the time I will choose the nut butters with chocolate but they do offer the nut butters without chocolate as well … just not pictured because I ate them all on the last picnic.

Love love love to add this to a banana or an apple!

Fruit leathers are a great way to have a very small, thin snack when you need a pick me up. I also like to make sure that I have a handful of nuts with them as well, usually almonds or walnuts to balance with protein.

A bit of advice with these, they can be sticky and tricky to open, try to split it down the back side to avoid a mess.

Raw fruit leathers by Kaia Foods are not sticky and very satisfying treats with combinations like Vanilla Pear (my favorite), Goji Orange, Lime Ginger and Spiced Apple – from organic fruit that is dehydrated at low temperatures so the nutrients and natural sugars stay in place.
The other great thing about this company is that they donate a portion of the sales to food aid programs! Kudos to Kaia Foods! Check out their site to buy these and other great products or to find out where you can get them in your local area.

Did you know that Hot Tamales are Gluten Free?
Good treat when you are at the movies and not sure what your sweet tooth wants or just to enjoy anytime for that fresh cinnamonny hot flavor!

How great are these little Hummus Dips from Wild Garden? Look at the label on the top one in the picture, Gluten Free … Ready to Eat! Perfect size for a snack. Make sure to have some carrots or chips ready for dipping!
You can also find most of these treats at Nature’s Market 26011-104th Ave. SE Kent, WA 98030 (253) 854-5395 in the Seattle area. Nature’s Market offers over 500 Gluten Free products in store and online. They also have an annual Gluten Free event in the Fall. Look at their website for more info.
There are so many more treats that I can share with you so check back for more soon. In the meantime … see you outside in the sun having some Gluten Free food fun!

Off to another outdoor concert …


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