Gluten Free Menu at Anthony’s Restaurants

This is not a fish tale! Gluten Free at one of my favorite restaurants – Anthony’s Pier 66 & Bell Street Diner.
I had the pleasure to meet with Anthony’s Restaurants this weekend, to sample their new Gluten Free menu. Anthony’s has been serving the freshest seafood from the Pacific Northwest for 25 years. Anthony’s offers a variety of “to go” eateries, casual dining and relaxed dinner houses with 19 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. I have enjoyed many celebrations and lunches out with friends on the deck at Bell Street in the summer. Every meal was always the best … meals pre-Gluten Free days and I was thrilled to go back.

It was like meeting an old friend again that you haven’t seen in years. I really love the space at Bell Street because every table has a great view. Just walking in the doors, being greeted by all the staff, seeing the new Gluten Free menu made me feel welcome. I wanted to give everyone a big hug! I met with Assistant Dining Room Manager – Jake Wheeler to ask him about the menu. My first question was – What made Anthony’s decide to offer a Gluten Free menu? The answer surprised me … the tourists asked! I had to laugh because it really struck me that Anthony’s is such an icon for dining in the Seattle area and yet the tourists asked. I am just happy that someone asked and that Anthony’s responded. It is really nice to see a dedicated Gluten Free menu, that is colorful and includes Seafood Snacks, Sides, Entrees and Desserts. (It even looks like the other menus and it is laminated so it even feels real!)

The Entrees include – Barbecued Garlic Prawns with Cajun Spices, Bun Free Snake River Kobe Beef Burger, Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon with Yukon Mashed Potatoes and a Chop Chop Salad with Dungeness Crab, Bay Shrimp and Basil Vinaigrette. The perfect sweet finish – Anthony’s Burnt Cream with a Crisp Caramel Top or Olympic Mountain Ice Cream or Sorbet in seasonal flavors.

The Bell Street Diner offers a lunch and dinner menu that is the same but with different portions. The upper Anthony’s offers a Gluten Free Dinner menu that includes … Australian Lobster Tail served with Butter, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables …
I should have gone for dinner … next time!

Anthony’s Gluten Free menu was created by their Executive Chef and they consulted with a nutritionist to select Gluten Free ingredients. Jake did say that they use various techniques like grilling the fish on a separate skillet that is away from other foods that may contain Gluten. Substitutions to the Gluten Free menu are not guaranteed. The Gluten Free menu has been offered for about 2 weeks and may not be available at all locations just yet. If you have a special occasion it is best to contact the location directly and ask them if they offer the Gluten Free menu. Menu selections may slightly vary according to locations and to seasons as well.

Go Gluten Free Foodies … dine out at a real restaurant …
Gluten Free at Anthony’s Restaurants!


P.S. Kudos to the Staff at Anthony’s Pier 66 & Bell Street Diner!

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