Gluten Free Food Labeling in Peru

It has been such an interesting week. Peru has been on my mind for some reason, either in conversations or finding wonderful Gluten Free food. I find myself spending more time lately looking at food labels from around the world and am amazed to see my favorite image –

Ironically I received this email from a follower today that lives in Peru. (The information below is a literal translation from Nino.)

Celiacs and friends of the celiac: The newspaper El Peruano reported a few days ago that the parliamentary group Fujimori has passed a bill that labels for products to have a sign indicating if they have gluten or not. A very good initiative for a healthy and unhealthy. Dread political grouping. I’ll have them aware of the fate of the project. Celiac USA! Greetings, Nino
I wanted to share this with you because I think it gives us hope that we are becoming the majority and our voices are being heard for the need of better communication about our food! I really wish there was a global symbol for GLUTEN FREE FOODS.
Bravo! to Nino and his efforts to connect Celiacs around the globe!
Prayers for our friends in Chile … as I am writing this, the news about the 8.8 earthquake in Chile was just announced. There are also Tsunami warnings for a large area from Chile to the Hawaiian Islands and advisories reaching all the way up to my area in Washington State. I am in awe of the ripple affect of Mother Nature!
Peace to all …

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