Celiac Wake Up Call

I had an interesting thing happen at 4 AM this morning. I woke up in pain, not unusual for me. I have chronic pain in addition to Celiac Disease, so my sleep is not so great at times. The thing about the pain that is unusual for me is that this was a very distinct spot at the bottom of my left foot! The very specific spot is just where the flat part of my left foot starts to arch, towards the upper area. I decided to rub it to try to work it out. While I was doing this, I remembered that I didn’t feel this pain in my foot before I went to bed. I know this because, I sort of have a ritual to help set the relaxation mood before I go to sleep. I know sounds goofy, but I need all the help I can get, to really get good sleep. I put organic lotion on my feet every night while I massage my feet. I use aromatherapy oils to scent the lotion as well. I also do this because it helps to release any tensions or pain in my body. I actually pay close attention to this because I feel pain from head to toe all day and night. Just as I began to rub this area I realized that something was different. There was a knot in that very specific area and … ouch! It hurts to rub it! The more I massaged it gently, it also alleviated it. I began to think what this very specific spot was telling me. I thought about looking up a reflexology chart to see what it was referring to for more insight. My curiosity was getting to me or maybe just holiday guilt of over indulgence. Regardless, this was a mystery that I wanted to figure out!

I got out of bed and turned on the computer. I googled – reflexology chart – and there it was … OMG! you are not going to believe this! The very specific spot was referring to the SOLAR PLEXUS aka CELIAC PLEXUS so I looked it up at Websters.com my favorite!

1. Anatomy a network of nerves situated at the upper part of the abdomen, behind the stomach and in front of the aorta.

2. A point on the stomach wall, just below the sternum where a blow will affect the nerve center.

I could not believe my eyes! Yup the body was speaking to me and I wasn’t listening. I wasn’t feeling great but that is somewhat normal for me. Heck, it was the holidays and I wasn’t getting sleep because of noisy neighbors and maybe not getting as much exercise as I usually do. OK … I confess … geez … maybe I was eating a few things that I know that I shouldn’t have … but NO GLUTEN! I know better than to do that to myself! I guess my body had enough of the so called “indulgence” and decided to make me listen and wake me up in the middle of the night!

So this morning I pulled out some of my yoga books from my training and looked up my Chakra charts and decided to get back on track today with my yoga and realign my Chakras! I want you to know that I also brewed some Tulsi Tea and I have my feet wrapped in a warm bean bag to help ease the pain in my foot and get the circulation going. I also put on my Citrine earrings as I waited for the tea to brew. I noticed that it too has a yellow or golden hue to it. Interesting! The tea is by Organic India and you can find it at most natural food stores or directly from them on their site. I reminded myself that the Manipura or Solar Plexus is the third element, fire, color of yellow or citrine. It refers to will, personal power, perseverance and emotions … of course … it is almost the end of the year and what a better time than to reflect on the “total package” by getting a 4 AM wake up call!

I am thankful! I have a silly smile on my face because I continue to be amazed at how the human body works! I am thankful that I know my body so well and I know what I need to do to take care of it.




P.S. I am going to call my favorite reflexologist today and highly recommend you do the same. I am also going to schedule some time with my fellow yogis from my trainings to see if we can help motivate each other for the new year and do some yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga, I suggest you ask friends or look into some classes in your neighborhood for the best yoga studios or instructors. Yoga is one of my favorite things that I do to help me live my Gluten Free lifestyle a bit more calmly. Namaste’

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