Go Phillies! … Gluten Free Philly Cheese Steak Pizza !!!

It’s time to rally for the Phillies tonight in the first game of the 2009 World Series! In honor of the Phillies … Foley’s Pizza is making their world famous … (in my world) … Gluten Free Philly Cheese Steak Pizza !!!
I went to see Mona yesterday in Bremerton to catch up on “pizza talk” … and I had the greatest Gluten Free Pizza – I had to order the Italian and after the first bite said … I need another pizza! So I asked if she could turn the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich into a Gluten Free Pizza?
To my delight … about 30 minutes later … hot out of the oven and in front of me…. a gorgeous pizza see picture with thinly sliced beef, sauteed green peppers, onion and lots of cheese … just like the sandwich but even better as a Gluten Free Pizza!
So be sure to say “GO PHILLIES ! I WANT MY GLUTEN FREE PHILLY CHEESE STEAK PIZZA … PLEASE!” to get the special. If you have non-gluten free people in your group you can order a regular as well. Trust me you won’t want to share this pizza because you will want all of it! After just one bite I told her that this is the perfect way to celebrate the Phillies at the World Series and that I had to share this with the Gluten Free Foodies. So here is the info –
Call Mona at 360.373.7222 – Foley’s Pizza is located at 724 Lebo Blvd in Bremerton, WA. Free delivery with a $15 minimum ask for details when you call to place your order.

Gooooo Phillies!


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2 thoughts on “Go Phillies! … Gluten Free Philly Cheese Steak Pizza !!!

  1. That looks and sounds great! Did I read this right, it’s available in the state of Washington? That’s a long ride from Philly! I live near Wash DC but I’m guessing they don’t deliver! Thank you for sharing this. The only thing I would add would be sweet peppers. 1-0 Phillies!!!!!!!!


  2. Thank you! I agree about the peppers but she was making it on the fly and I guess she was out. All this talk about the Phillies in the series made me want to be there eating the really great food. So I asked and she delivered…and Gluten Free! Yes we are in WA state. I love the DC area too … I used to live in DC.Thanks for the comment and gooooo Phillies!!!


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