Gluten Free Food Art – Apple with Almond Butter Wrapped in Peppery Bacon … on a stick!

Yes …. that is what I said … FOOD ARTHoney Crisp Apple with Almond Butter wrapped in Peppery Bacon on a stick! This is a perfect treat for an appetizer, finger food for a game, party or dessert (aka anytime). Yes … I allow myself to have bacon once a week and this is one of my favorite ways to devour it. If you are going to make it, I think you could vary the ingredients but I really like this particular combination best. Trust me … I researched this up and down … back and forth and this is the best combination for its’ particular sweetness-tartness-creaminess-salt and pepperyness (you know what I mean). The key is making sure that you get a bit of each in every bite for maximum enjoyment. Not that I need to say this but the apples and almond butter are organic. I made the almond butter myself. Nothing to it! The bacon is … you got it … Niman Ranch Pepper Bacon – Gluten Free. Hey … at least we are getting our fruit in for the day … it counts!

Tip – best way to assemble this piece of
“food art” – slice up the apple into quarters and apply the Almond butter liberally on all slices.

Take a stick and pierce the lower end of bacon and wrap it across the apple with the almond butter
diagonally, and be careful of your fingers as you go through the apple and bacon.

Assemble in a container like a vase for maximum viewing and enjoyment!

So this one is a quicky today. Try it this weekend and your family and friends will adore you even more!


Caution – the stick is for display purposes only. Do not eat this while on the stick.

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