Gluten Free Football Food … Texas style


Howdy Y’all … it is time for the Longhorns to beat OU this weekend at the Cotton Bowl aka Texas State Fair. I have such fond memories of going to the TSF each fall and seeing BIG TEX. He would welcome everyone and scare the … bleep out of me each time because he would say “Howdy Y’all … Welcome to the TEXAS State Fair … every 15 minutes …
did I forget to mention that he was really BIG, originally at 49 feet tall, made of papier mache and iron pipe! He was originally created as a Santa Claus to help boost holiday sales in the Dallas area in 1949. Big Tex made his debut in 1951 at the fair when R.L. Thorton purchased “the Santa” for $750. After a Texas style makeover he became BIG TEX at 52 feet tall!
So while I was strolling down memory lane earlier today on the TSF website, I was looking to see what foods they were fixin’ – deep fried Texas style and oh so NOT Gluten Free! I wanted to get some inspiration and ideas as to what … if anything I could make similarly … but Gluten Free.
Here are a few of their fixins’
Deep Fried Peanuts – YUM
BBQ Stuffed Wings … everything is better when it is stuffed
Stuffed Wings on a Stick – oh! stuffed and on a stick – BONUS
BBQ Stuffed Wings …. some more stuffed
Texas BBQ Boomerangs … this sounds like it will come back to haunt you for days …
Deep Fried Pizza … are you kidding me??!!
Fried Apple and Peanut Butter on a Stick – Now you are talking …
Chocolate Jalapenos … it is possible
So I am going to work on these 2 (that are bolded), and get back to you on the results.
In the meantime … I’m going to start fixin’ my version of –

Gluten Free Football Food for the Longhorn Game


    • Spicy BBQ Chili with Fritos


    • Cornbread stuffed with Chorizo


    • Pickles on a stick … this counts as a veggie … right?


  • Apple slices with Almond Butter wrapped in Bacon … on a stick!

You can still have fun with Gluten Free Food as long as you find some inspiration and motivation.

(Click on this link to hear BIG TEX, click on the picture of him in the upper left corner!)


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