So, let me see, as I take a deep breath to write this I am conflicted with surprise, denial and frustration. What is it about human nature that makes us want to know more about our “hot topic”, at whatever the cost. Why is it that when we get an answer to our “hot topic”, we then want to run as fast as we can to turn back time?

Let me explain, a few weeks ago I wrote “Food for Thought” and posted it. I was really struggling at the time because I was feeling so terrible, physically. My pain was high all over, fatigue unrelenting and just all around … you get the picture. So in the post I spoke about some testing that I decided to have for food and environmental allergies, aka IgG and IgE. Even though I was tested for Celiac many years ago, at my demand, I never knew about these other tests. I guess over time I learned a bit more here and there but lately it has just been buggin’ me. So I did it! I jumped in and had it done.

Now the results … well … let’s just say … NOT HAPPY!
This is where the surprise comes in –
mushrooms – who knew? I eat them all the time with my eggs and sauteed with steak!
asparagus – ehh no biggie there are other veggies that I like better
tomato – hmmm … but I kind of figured, yikes that means salsa … eh oh …
kidney bean – really? that is my chili my award winning chiliin my world it is!
soy bean – after reading about them they aren’t healthy anyway, I avoid them already.
cranberry – how!!! they are tiny and pretty and yummy dried or with … ugh
This is the topper …. I have to collect myself before I can actually write this because ….
OystersNO! not acceptable!
Manila Clams – NO, NO, NO … now you are talking Paella … me with NO PAELLA …
Dungeness Crab – THIS IS CROSSING THE LINE …I LIVE IN THE PACIFIC NW… HOME OF THE DUNGENESS CRAB … unstoppable sobbing now begins … talk about being a great big CRABBY …!

I will refrain with the rest of the list because I am in DENIAL.
Oh yes … there is more …
but the point I was trying to make at the beginning of all this agony, is to get to the bottom of what is “not good for me”.

So which is the worse evil to know the info or to not know … what I should or shouldn’t eat?

I guess if you are going to commit to making a change and to live a healthier life than it is better to know. Life went on after living Gluten Free and now the list gets bigger. It will be a challenge but I know of other people that are on more restrictive diets and it reminds me of my saying …

” GLUTEN FREE FOODIES celebrate the foods that you can eat!”
Even though the results are sort of a bummer, I liked the reports that US BioTek provided. The info is clearly written and thorough. For more info on the company that did the testing for me – US BioTek. They are based out of Seattle. Talk to your Naturopath or doctor about the testing.


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