Gluten Free Football Food Day

dallas-cowboys-stadium-06Image by VSELLIS via Flickr

Wow! what a beautiful day it is today … perfect for some football and Gluten Free Football Food!
The sun is out and there is a crispness in the air. I think it is time to make some of my favorite easy Gluten Free munchies and watch football!

Here is the line up –

Bruschetta on homemade Gluten Free bread – the bread is already made I am just going to put a few slices on a pan and brush the top with some olive oil and garlic and then toast it up. I will chop up some fresh basil from the garden, cut up some garlic and tomatoes and put it in a bowl with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic, Fleur de Sel salt and gind up lots of black pepper. When the bread is toasted I will put some of the topping on the bread and put it all out on a platter. (10 minutes done!)

Queso Fundido with Lundberg Rice Chips – I will melt some Monterrey Jack cheese, Parmesan (I like this for the salty flavor if I don’t have the others on hand, not usually used) or Asadero, Monchego or Cojito cheese. I like to use at least 2-3 kinds of cheese to give it a really good creamy and salty flavor. I will add some sliced mushrooms that have been slightly sauteed, with some yellow onions and Chorizo into the melted cheese and keep stirring. Once the cheese is hot I will add Jalapenos or Poblano Peppers. (You can add a little Gluten Free beer i.e. Red Bridge, Green’s or Bards – to the cheese sauce while it is melting so that it is not so thick or you can just save that for your guest for later.) I like Lundberg Rice Chips because they have are very crunchy and have a great brown rice flavor. They are also strong and hearty to scoop up the thick queso. Put the Queso Fundido into a Fondue Pot or Crock Pot to keep warm and creamy throughout the game … if it lasts that long! (15 minutes done!)

Popcorn with Olive Oil, Fleur de Sel Salt and Red Peppers – I just put about 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil in my Le Creuset with a lid and 3 corn kernels, over high heat on the stove. As soon as I hear all 3 pops I know that the pot is warm enough and I put 1/4 cup of corn kernels in the pan and cover quickly. I move the pan around and it begins to pop. As soon as the popping slows down or stops it is done! I turn off the stove and take it off the heat. I drizzle some Olive Oil on top and then sprinkle the Fleur de Sel salt, and Crushed Red Pepper flakes. Put it in a big bowl for easy grabbing of handfuls to munch on while pacing in front of the TV. If you must have melted butter … go for it! (5 minutes done!)

Guacamole with Corn Chips – Mash up 1-2 Avacados in a bowl with crushed roasted garlic, Fleur de Sel salt, ground black pepper and lemon juice. Put it in a bowl with a side bowl of your favorite Gluten Free Corn chips – Fritos Scoops and Tostitos Scoops are my favorites!!! (5 minutes done!)

For the sweet, I will put out some Honey Roasted Peanuts and some Wow chocolate chip cookies. I like to have some Sweet Iced Tea as well but that is just the Texas girl in me. Speaking of SWEET … TEXAS … I can’t wait to see the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Yikes $1.15 billion … sweet? We shall see if it is the ticket for the Cowboys this season!

Whoever you are rootin’ for have a fun Gluten Free Football Food Day!
Check your local listings for your game times.

Estimated prep time 30-40 minutes.


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