CRUNCH … Gluten Free Kettle Brand Chips

For those of you who know me, you know that if I don’t have my chips when I want them … let’s just say it’s not pretty! I usually always have a stash of gluten free chips somewhere …
but I am not going to tell you where!

I will tell you that you can get your own Gluten Free Kettle Brand Chips at Whole Foods Markets, Central Market and Town & Country Market. If you don’t have those stores in your area you can go online to see all of their new flavors.
That’s right – Gluten Free and Flavored Chips.
I know that is a rare find but somehow they do it and they do it very well! Flavors like – Sweet Onion, Backyard Barbeque, Buffalo Bleu, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Spicy Thai, Sour Cream Onion & Chive – to name a few. (see partial line up in picture above)

I highly recommend that you go to their website and check them out. They have a contest to “create-a-chip“. I put my creation in and hope that they make it – B.L.T.C. – Smoked Bacon – just like our favorite sandwich! Vote for it online and maybe they will actually make it! Can you imagine??? YUM!

You can also create your own flavor. Have fun and enjoy my favorite Gluten Free Chips – Kettle Brand Potato Chips.
So go make your favorite gluten free sandwich and enjoy your Kettle Brand Chips!

Which flavor is your favorite?

Please note that the chips in this photo are actual Kettle Brand Chips and were not wasted for the sole purpose of this very important special report … (CRUNCH)


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