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Lately, it seems as though everyone that I talk to is having a hard time and just not feeling well. I recently started to go to a new naturopath in Kingston, WADr. Kate D’Archangel. I have been having a terrible time with watery eyes, fatigue and pain. I have been looking into the foods that I am eating and have my suspicions … maybe the casein in dairy, corn or is it just environmental allergies (I.e. pollens, mold, the things I call the “Flying Wallendas“). I check out the pollen count daily because it doesn’t matter if it is sunny and hot or cloudy and cool, I feel horrible. Oddly enough my area has had high grass counts like rye grass, corn and a variety of weeds, chenopods, sage, sagebrush and composites … what the heck are chenopods and composites? So I looked into it and found the chenopods are actually part of the grasses and one of which is Quinoa. I have been eating Quinoa and really had a great time with it this summer making salads, no … really? But Quinoa is supposed to be so good for you!

Now I am questioning everything … I am also looking into the bath and beauty products that I use daily. Could it be that there is some new additive that contains gluten or something else new that is causing this reaction that I don’t know about? I actually have been calling the companies of products to discuss every detail and ingredient. (I will leave this for a later discussion.)

So I have decided to go through some testing to see what is creating all of this havoc in my body. Dr. D’Archangel has been really great working with me and looking into all possibilities and getting to the root of the problem. As I sit here and write this I am reminding myself that I have read countless books and remembered listening to the speakers at the GIG Convention this past June – “If you are reacting to Gluten … there will probably be other things down the road that you will react to as well.” Even though this is still ringing in my ears, I too am frustrated because I try to make sure that I mix it up and not eat too much of one thing day after day. I have also been told that eating the same thing all the time can actually cause food allergies or reactions. Sometimes it is just hard for me because my appetite can be so weird. When it comes down to actually eating a meal can be the hard part for me. My brain and my eyes know that it looks good but sometimes I have a hard time building the appetite.

So I wait to see what the test results have to say so that I can face it and move on like I did in the past with learning to live gluten free. Just some “food for thought” did you know that these are the most common food allergies and food intolerances?

15 Top Food Allergies in the USA

dairy including butter, cheese and yogurt
gluten – wheat, spelt, barley and rye
cane sugar
goat’s milk
baker’s yeast
brewer’s yeast

Top 5 Food Intolerances


Once again I will refer to the book where I got these to lists from “Healthier Without Wheat” by Dr. Stephen Wangen. It has quite a bit of information in it to help you think about the foods that may or may not be making you healthy. So if you are not feeling well you are not alone! Look into the foods that you are eating!

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