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I don’t know about you but the last week was a hard one for me. Maybe it was the full moon??? I got caught up in life of which I will spare you the details and drama (mostly because I don’t want to re-live it). Things just got crazy because of stress, lack of sleep because of the stress, pain … added to because of lack of sleep … you get the picture. The point I am trying to get to is this. When I get tired I try to go somewhere else to get a different perspective and to distract me from my pain. Yoga has taught me that. But I have been too stressed, tired and painful to keep up my daily practice of yoga. I have missed a few days here and there … life happens.

So the other day I decided to get a different perspective and get something to eat. I went to this really good taco place that I had been to once before. I had already been through all of the important questions previously so I was on auto pilot this time and ordered the same thing … or did I ??? I sat down at the table and began a conversation. When the food came out I took one bite … ONE BITE. Something was different with the soft texture it was almost bliss. I looked down at my plate and realized it was a FLOUR TORTILLA. There was nothing I could do. That ONE BITE was in and gone. I wanted to cry. I spend so much time trying to organize, read labels, ask questions, answer questions, write, cook and plan meals that I didn’t see the most important thing in front of me. The food that was going in me and the consequences.

Needless to say I have been suffering ever since. It is not just the pain but it also harms my body when I consume the gluten because I have Celiac Disease. So I really get upset when I make a stupid mistake. The real clincher … deep breath … I started to take Tylenol PM’s rapid release gels to help the pain, sleeplessness and to recover from the previous mistake. I have taken Tylenol PM in the past after checking it out years ago to help me sleep because it is just about the only thing I can take. I went to the store last week and bought a new bottle because I was out. I saw that the “New Tylenol PM rapid release gels” were on sale and heck, I wanted rapid relief … pronto!

Now I sit here with my cup of organic earl gray tea and organic honey and write. I write to tell you this … those darn “Tylenol PM rapid release gels” have gluten in them! I have been waking up feeling absolutely horrible. I kept thinking about the ONE BITE. How could ONE BITE be causing all of this pain. I have been searching and searching. Not sure why but for some reason I kept the packaging. I looked it over about 100 times. Nope not this, not that, as I looked up every ingredient online. Wait, there was one thing that I was having trouble with, the starches that they have listed – pregelatinized starch and sodium starch glycolate. So I sent an email to Tylenol and asked the question about this new product. Still waiting for a reply.

I the meantime I found a great source for Gluten Free Medications listings. The website is authored and maintained by a clinical pharmacist as a public service, receiving no compensation whatsoever for providing this information. Information for this website is obtained from a number of sources, including personal contact with the manufacturers and input from other individuals who contact manufacturers. The information is continually updated as it is obtained. The listing that I looked at today was dated 8/5/09. I have also added this link to the helpful links on the sidebar of my blog for quick reference. As it turns out the two starches were on the list as questionable or usually containing wheat gluten as starch. I just don’t understand why the labeling law doesn’t require medications to list allergy ingredients. Medications are consumable just like food – and in some situations can be even more dangerous!

I think the lesson here is to take a deep breath, live in the present and do the best that I can. I appreciate the lessons learned … once again … but just wish it wasn’t so literally painful.

4 thoughts on “ONE BITE

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I am a new nurse and I didn’t even think of medications as culprits. I am also gluten intolerant. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us!


  2. Thanks for posting this. I was feeling like I had a cold this evening; dry, sore, scratchy throat, and a headache so I took a Tylenol Non-Drowsy Cold Multi Symptom Rapid Release Gel and I feel a hundred times worse. I just had this feeling that there might be gluten in the medication but I couldn’t find anything on the internet. There were a couple of things in the safe list that said gelcaps but nothing specific. Those ingredients you noted are also in the ones I took. 😦


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