Gluten Free Foodies – A Celebration of Food

I decided to organize a support group in my community in Kitsap County on Bainbridge Island called “Gluten Free Foodies“. I have been wanting to do this for a few years now. I posted some information on various cork boards in the community and I would get a few calls here and there. I just need something to click and the right timing for it to connect. I had to be patient.

I met a lady by the name of Kathy that was dealing with her own health issues. We began talking about living Gluten Free. I told her my story and my hope to gather a group of people with similar interests and lifestyles to support each other. I explained to her that I really just wanted to get back to the point of being able to celebrate food again instead of going to a dinner party and being “the one with the food allergies” bringing her own special food. She said she was interested and agreed that others would come too.

The “Gluten Free Foodies” had our first event this past weekend. My hope is to meet monthly to celebrate Gluten Free foods for picnics or potlucks. I also wanted to support other Allergy free foods like Soy, Dairy, Casein, Nuts, (oh and my somewhat new discovery that I can’t have, mangoes) so that everyone feels included. I have asked the group to prepare the dishes and write out an ingredient list so that we can avoid emergencies. I have planned out the summer and look forward to the holiday season with the GFF’s. (Look for more info to follow on the group.)

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